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No Power, No Wealth, No Glory in Holding Local Level Political Office


March 24, 2022

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my absolute disgust with the recent hit piece letter to the editor, attacking candidate for Green County Board Shane Gashette.

To call someone a “carpet bagger” for stepping up to serve his local community is beyond abhorrent. There is no power, no wealth, no glory in holding a local level political office. Only hard work, below minimum wage-level compensation, long hours and thanklessness await a successful candidate for local elected office. If the hit piece’s author wants to understand the meaning of “carpet bagging”, she should read up on the political history of Hillary Clinton: her run for U.S. senate in the state of New York – while her family’s official residence was still the White House – was the very definition of carpet bagging. Hint: the White House is not located in the state of New York.

And to call a candidate for local office a “criminal” for having speeding tickets? Seriously? If traffic violations disqualify one from being a candidate, who amongst us is left to run?

Oh, how about the cherry on top – creeping on a local level candidate’s PERSONAL social media, to find something to attack him over? That is deeply, deeply disturbing behavior.

To be clear, I do not know Shane Gashette, nor do I know his opponent. I am not in the district that one of them will be elected to represent, and I am neither campaigning for nor supporting/opposing either man. I would, however, call on his opponent, Todd Larson, to publicly condemn the shameless hit piece, no doubt written as back-handed (and hopefully unsolicited) support for his candidacy.

Right here in the village of New Glarus we have only one candidate on the ballot for Village Board, despite having three seats to fill. One of our two County Board districts is open, with no candidate on the ballot. Vacancies like these are becoming increasingly common and, while the lack of interest in serving as a local elected office-holder is not quite at crisis levels, it is headed in that direction. It is precisely because of inexcusable behavior like the hit piece against Shane Gashette that good people choose not to serve their communities. The hit piece’s author owes Mr. Gashette – and the entire Green County community – an apology.


Greg Thoemke

New Glarus, WI


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