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Larson's Response to Thoemke


March 31, 2022

Dear Editor,

I would greatly appreciate that in the 31 March edition of the Post Messenger Recorder you print my below response to Mr. Thoemke’s Letter from the 24 March edition:

Dear Greg,

I thank you sincerely for your recent Letter to the Editor in the Post Messenger Recorder. You are not a resident in the subject District 25, nor is the Village of New Glarus in the 25th, and I thus find curious your intense interest in the 25th race for County Board Supervisor. But I do appreciate it.

Even more, I appreciate your prior years of earnest service to the New Glarus Village Board (even though I have myself resided outside of the Village since childhood).

I acknowledge your requests that I denounce the earlier letter from Ms. Judith Blank. After her letter ran, I of course checked into its allegations. And unfortunately found them to be quite accurate.

I would advise that Mr. Gashette’s Facebook post (September 18, 2015) proposing a scenario in which a Muslim boy delivers an explosive alarm clock to President Obama (full disclosure – my former boss) at the White House is not something to which either you or Mr. Gashette will want to draw further attention.

I am not a fan of Facebook, and agree with Betty White who once said, “now that I know what Facebook is, I must say, it seems like a huge waste of time.” Please don’t rely on me to engage on that platform going forward.

In short, in response to your requests, I am not in the habit of denouncing strong and opinionated women – or men, or anyone falling elsewhere on the spectrum of gender identity, for that matter – provided they stick to the facts. As Ms. Blank decidedly did.

But again, I appreciate your interest and prior service.


Todd Larson,



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