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Thoemke Finds Larson's Silence Telling


March 31, 2022

Dear Editor,

The nasty politics of personal destruction continue on behalf of Green County Board District 25 candidate Todd Larson. In a 02/24 letter to the editor, Larson supporter Judith Blank personally attacked Larson’s opponent, Shane Gashette. Blank resorted to doxing, Facebook stalking and “outsiderism,” rather than citing policy differences between the two candidates.

In response, I privately and courteously messaged Larson on 03/19, asking him to condemn Blank’s disgusting tactics. I have independent verification from multiple sources that Larson saw my message on that same day, but he remained silent.

More recently, Larson supporter Tim Czerwonka stooped to the same lows as Blank had previously. In his 03/24 letter to the editor, Czerwonka doubles down on the doxing, Facebook stalking and outsiderism taught to him by Blank. As I write this (03/26), Larson remains silent.

But Czerwonka goes further, attacking New Glarus resident Dave Staats for writing a letter in support of Gashette, because Staats doesn’t live in the Larson/Gashette District 25.

Local political activist Christy Hunter recently created, hosted and promoted a campaign event featuring her preferred candidates for BOTH Districts 25 (Larson) and 28. Does she live in both districts? Does she live in either? From Czerwonka, silence. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I found out he attended that event.

Throughout all of this, Todd Larson stands mute, letting his supporters’ vile, hateful messaging do his dirty work. Perhaps he believes that the end justifies the means? Larson has claimed he would represent ALL District 25 residents. Wouldn’t that include his opponent and his opponent’s family?

If you are a resident of District 25, your political beliefs may not allow you to vote against the liberal candidate in this race. But that doesn’t mean you need to vote for him. Sometimes the right course of action in a given political race is simply not to cast a vote. If you will not vote for Gashette, this is one of those times. Send a message to the Larson campaign that the politics of personal destruction have no place in Green County. Give him two years to learn from his silent inaction – perhaps he’ll choose to come back in 2024 as a wiser, more dignified candidate.

Greg Thoemke,

New Glarus, WI (District 28)


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