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Thoemke Writes on Behalf of the Green County Accountability Project


June 2, 2022

Dear Editor,

Hi Margie, and thank you for calling the community’s attention to our organization, the Green County Accountability Project (GCAP). We’re sorry to hear that you find us “evil”, “radical” and “intimidating”. After all, we are still in our infancy, learning to crawl.

But we already know that we believe Green County communities are better off when more residents, not fewer, feel safe to run for elected office in a contest of actual ideas without fear of personal attack from their adversaries. Pretty evil, huh?

We know that sifting through year’s worth of a local candidate’s personal social media posts, in the hopes of finding something with which to attack that candidate, is a desperate and ugly tactic. Yep, radical.

Soon we’ll be walking...

And we’ll know that inferences and downright accusations of racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc., against a candidate for local office are just plain immature and mean-spirited. Very intimidating, no doubt.

We’ll know that the practice of “doxing” local officeholders or candidates is the exclusive territory of cowards who do not believe they can participate in the arena of legitimate political discourse. Evil, radical and intimidating, dontcha think?

Before the Spring 2023 election cycle, we’ll be up and running at a full sprint.

And though our members each have their own personal political views and ideology, we’ll be fully committed to stepping up to defend any local officeholder or candidate who falls victim to the inexcusable tactics that infested the 2022 Spring election, regardless of his or her personal political leanings.

So you see, dear Margie, if you truly find our values “evil”, “radical” or “intimidating”, then perhaps you are the embodiment of the very problems that brought us together. Have no fear, though - we’re up to the task.

If you’d like to learn more about GCAP, please visit us at

Greg Thoemke, on behalf of the Green County Accountability Project,

New Glarus


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