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Your Voice and Your Vote Are Powerful


June 30, 2022

Dear Editor,

The United States Supreme Court’s egregious decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has just turned back the clock on respect for human rights and human dignity by half a century. In an appalling betrayal of 50 years of legal precedent, the Court has eliminated the constitutional right to seek an abortion, robbing women and people who can give birth of this deeply personal, private choice and equal justice under law. What’s more, this decision has jeopardized the right to privacy, which is the foundation of many other rights we enjoy.

In Wisconsin, we are at risk of an archaic abortion ban from 1849 (before women even had the right to vote) going into effect as a result of Roe v. Wade being overturned. When Governor Evers called a special session of the State Legislature to vote on repealing this dangerous and antiquated law, the Republican majority did not even pretend to take the issue seriously. Instead, they gaveled in and out in a matter of ten seconds, completely ignoring the truth that a majority of people support access to safe, legal abortions. Their refusal to even consider repealing this law has put countless lives in jeopardy, because the truth is that criminalizing abortion won’t stop it. Banning abortion only succeeds in preventing safe abortions and endangering the lives of pregnant people. This decision will disproportionately affect people who are poor, people of color, and immigrants. We need leaders in Wisconsin who move Wisconsin forward, not backward. We need leaders committed to protecting access to safe, legal abortion because abortion is healthcare, and healthcare is a human right.

I support access to full reproductive healthcare, including access to safe, legal abortions, and I will always do everything I can to restore and protect reproductive freedom. Bodily autonomy is a basic human right that we cannot let extremist politicians and judges just take away. I urge anyone who claims to be “pro-life” to start working for the things that we all know are actually pro-life: affordable healthcare, education, a living wage, gun safety laws, affordable housing, and LGBTQ+ rights.

There’s no reason to believe that today’s betrayal of human dignity and human rights will end here. The fundamental right to privacy is increasingly under attack. Now is not the time for passive citizenship. The only path to restoring this basic human right, and protecting others, is through the ballot box. Your voice and your vote are powerful. Use them, and don’t let up until we are all free.

Dale Yurs,

Belleville, (D) Candidate for the 80th Assembly District


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