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Wildcats Cross Country Compete at Two Meets to Open Season


September 8, 2022

Photo courtesy of Tamara Houser

Belleville Wildcats Girls Varsity Cross Country runners, featuring Lainey Winkers, Alice Elliott, Ruby Gustafson, Maddie Miller and Alora Spiegel.

Our Wildcat athletes began the season with two meets last week. The first meet was at Twining Park in Monroe, which is an afternoon meet. The kids felt prepared and interested in finding out how this first meet would go.

Alora Spiegel was recognized for her Varsity finish, placing 15th with a time of 22:49. Her Varsity teammates were Lainey Winkers (24:40), Alice Elliott (28:55) and Maddie Miller (32:44).

Our JV team consisted of Ruby Gustafson (33:21), Allison Dyrhaug (36:47) and Annika Esselstrom (41:48).

The boy's team was led by Carter Scholey, who placed 2nd with a time of 17:00. Carter and Angelo Dohm, who placed 12th with a time of 19:24, both received ribbons. They were followed by Jackson Scholey (20:22), Blake Johnson (20:57), Aiden Campbell (21:46), Niles Monroe (21:59), William Booth (22:56) and William Gobel (27:21). The Varsity boys took 6th place overall.

Our JV team was led by Adrian Jenkins (26:18), Shepard Nass (30:21), Ben Remy (30:29), Christopher Weber (31:33), Keegan Dohm (36:47) and Dallas Ziegler (50:55).

On Saturday, September 3rd, the team ran at Darlington. The races began with cool and cloudy weather, but soon changed to storms. After many delays, the Varsity and JV boys ran together in the muddy and slippery conditions.

Starting with the girl's results - Alora Spiegel received a ribbon for a 7th place finish and a time of 21:32. She was followed by Lainey Winkers (24:05), Alice Elliott (27:24), Ruby Gustafson (30:12) and Maddie Miller (31:00). The girls took 7th place overall.

The JV girls were led by Emily Gomez (27:10), followed by Allison Dyrhaug (32:43) and Annika Esselstrom (37:07).

For Varsity boys, two Wildcats were recognized for their finishes. Carter Scholey placed 2nd with a time of 17:11 and Angelo Dohm placed 29th with a time of 19:40. The rest of the Varsity team consisted of Jackson Scholey (20:01), Aiden Campbell (20:17), Blake Johnson (20:27), Niles Monroe (21:10) and William Booth with a career best (21:57). The Varsity boys placed 5th overall.

Photo courtesy of Angie Scholey

Belleville Cross Country Varsity runner Carter Scholey.

The JV boys were led by William Gobel with a time of 24:54, followed by Adrian Jenkins (24:58), Shepard Nass (26:30), Ben Remy (26:59), Keegan Dohm (34:11) and Dallas Ziegler (43:45).

Our Middle School team also ran their first meet at Darlington, with a course distance of 1.3 miles. Leading our pack was Carson Biermeier, placing 35th with a time of 9:44. Carson was followed by Aiden Buol (9:59), Noah Hesch (10:09), Brady Noble (10:42), Ethan Kaetterhenry (10:45), Sophie Howard (11:01), Leyna Westphal (11:17), Meara Allen (11:22), Emily Fahrenkrug (13:24) and Shannon McCall (15:58).

I want to welcome sophomore Dallas Ziegler and freshmen Christopher Weber, Jackson Scholey and Alice Elliott to the High School team, and I want to celebrate our returning seniors - Annika Esselstrom, Lainey Winkers, Maddie Miller, Angelo Dohm and William Gobel!


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