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Hendrickson Supports Barnes for US Senate


October 27, 2022

Dear Editor,

I am supporting Mandela Barnes for US Senate because he takes the time to actually listen to people from all across the state, discuss what the barriers are for thriving, and how policies and the funding of those policies impacts our individuals and communities. He understands that our criminal system needs an overhaul so that justice is served. That restitution and rehabilitation are imperative so people can re-enter our communities and be productive participating members. People and their doctors, not the government, should make health care decisions. That everyone should be able to get the medicine necessary to treat conditions and pharmaceutical companies shouldn’t price gouge consumers into bankruptcy - or death. He supports paid family medical leave (we are one of six countries worldwide without it). He supports education from birth, including investment in child care, so that working parents can afford to work and their children can thrive in safe, regulated, caring child care programs with well compensated teachers. Then a robustly funded K-12 system that supports all our students to be ready to succeed after graduation and affordable secondary education (including community colleges). He supports fair taxation so everyone pays their fair share, voting laws to ensure everyone has a voice and chooses their representatives, and investments in our people and communities so everyone has the opportunity to thrive, not just survive.

Thank you,

Corrine Hendrickson,

New Glarus


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